Where would we be without arrows to guide us to our destinations, to lead us through the maze of corridors in hospitals, universities and public buildings, not to mention to WCs when nature calls? Arrows also help to keep us safe, to ensure that we keep to the correct side of the road and avoid us colliding with all the other travellers going about their daily business.
But there is one arrow missing in the photos below: the arrow shot by Cupid, the Roman god of love, to inspire desire.
arrow picture left right arrow white
arrow red sign yellow up
black red sign blue bicycle
black yellow-arrow G pictograph
cars traffic signal bike yellow
blue hotel road construction where, direction
confusing traffic light traffic light green light signal
white-blue left right white-arrow long-arrow
arrow pic round-about sign direction left
arrow, dots pedestrians red-arrow wc-arrow
downstairs right left red-arrows
arrow arrow photo 20 m right
stock photo house tree colours