China Garden, Zürich


Zurich's glorious China Garden was presented to the people of Zurich by its twin city of Kunming in Southwest China. It was given as thanks for the technical and scientific aid with the development of Kunming's drinking water and drainage system. Construction of the China Garden was commissioned by the Zurich Water Authority in 1993 to celebrate its 125th Jubilee. The project was completed between May and October 1993, under the direction of the Zurich City Gardening Department, together with gardening experts and tradesmen from Kunming and Zurich. The official opening took place in spring 1994, in the presence of the Mayors of Kunming (Wang Tingchen) and Zurich (Josef Estermann). The China Garden may be hired for non- commercial events and private celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, jubilees, etc. Decisions on hiring are the responsibility of the Zurich Water Authority.
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