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Internet has had an enormous impact on a vast variety of industries, let alone our private lives. Images for example, whether photographs or other pictures, are now scattered throughout the World Wide Web – thousands of them free to download and use. Time was when photographers travelling the world on assignments would also take countless photographs of countless subjects and then supply them to photo libraries and agencies. These formed a vital link between photographers and advertising agencies, travel operators etc. These were the places that held thousands of photographs, mostly in transparency form and were the places that picture editors would contact when they were searching for a suitable image to illustrate an article or story in a publication. An image would be hired out to the publisher for a fee corresponding to the “value” of the photograph and the photographer was generally paid about 50% of that fee. The photograph would be packed and posted or taken by courier to the publisher, to be ultimately returned after use and physically filed away for further use on demand. A complicated and costly business. Whilst photo libraries and agencies still exist and have benefited from the speed of the Internet and digital age, royalty-free photos have vastly increased competition. And private individuals have benefited too – just think of the many photographs that are e-mailed every day between friends and relatives scattered across the globe!

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