Laughter Parade


The 1st Sunday in May is celebrated as World Laughter Day in many countries including Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Sweden, the UK and USA. And this year Switzerland joined in the light-hearted event when Zurich held its first “Lachparade”. A high-spirited and peaceful procession paraded through the city centre and congregated on Zurich’s Festplatz at 15.55 to send the sound of laughter echoing round the world. All Switzerland was encouraged to laugh along at the same time. Guests from the world of comedy and politics were invited to join in and make tears of laughter roll down beaming faces.
The fun continued into the evening with a Laughter Party and Laughter Disco. A parallel laughter event also took place in French-speaking Lausanne.

The whole idea of the Laughter Parade is to make people more aware of the good and happy aspects of life in these often hectic and sombre times. Laughter is the best medicine!
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