Penguins on Parade at Zürich and Basel Zoos


Please look after the text for free photos of some of the twenty species of penguin in the world. The pictures were taken at Zürich Zoo and Basel Zoo, both in Switzerland.

At Zürich Zoo they have nearly 4,000 animals of 350 different species. Zürich Zoo recreates several different landscapes and ecosystems, such as the Masoala Rainforest, the Mongolian Steppe and an Asian elephant park. Alongside the bears, elephants, lions and pandas they have two species of penguin, the King Penguins and Humboldt Penguins. The former live in an enclosure inside the Aquarium in summer, and the Humboldts are inside in the winter.

King Penguins are usually found in the southern hemisphere, but not all live in the icy temperatures of South Georgia and the Falklands. In the wild, King Penguins feed on small fish by diving to great depths – sometimes over 300 metres (980 ft) and regularly deeper than 100 metres (330 ft). King Penguins grow to 16kg (35 lbs) and the only larger member of the species is the Emperor Penguin.

Humboldt Penguins live in South America and in particular in the Humboldt Current that comes up from Antarctica along the Pacific coast of Chile. They are recognisable by a band of dark feathers on their breast and a white band around the head. They feed on small fish and grow to almost 5 kilos. Humboldt Penguins nest in burrows and sea caves and mostly stay close to the shore.

Visitor information
The zoo in Zürich opens 365 days a year, and children aged 6 and under go free. It is best to take the tram from the centre of town to the zoo stop in Zürichberg in the Fluntern quarter about 4 kms (2.5 miles) to the east of the city, because parking at and around the zoo is limited. Every day that the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius they hold a “penguin parade” in the afternoon.
Note: the zoo is also known as ‘Zurich Zoologischer Garten’.

At Basel Zoo they have three species: the King Penguin, the Gentoo Penguin and the Black-footed Penguin. The Gentoo Penguin was first identified as a species in the Falkland Islands, and is most easily recognised by its long tail, the white stripe across the top of its head and its orange-red bill. Gentoos can grow to 90cm (35 inches) tall and are the third largest penguins after the Emperor and the King. The origin of the name “gentoo” is unknown.
The Black-footed Penguin is also known as the ‘African Penguin’, being only found around southern Africa, and is also called the ‘Jackass Penguin’, because it makes a noise similar to a donkey. They are medium sized penguins, growing to 60 cms (24 inches) and up to 4 kilos (nearly 9 pounds).

Visitor Information
Basel Zoo is in Binningerstrasse, just a 5-10 minute walk from the city centre and the main Basel Railway Station. (Follow the signs.) Motorists can use either of two multi-storey car parks at Heuwaage, only 5 minutes’ walk from the zoo.

Basel Zoo is open every day of the year from 08.00 until 18.00 (17.30 in winter). Admission charges are based on age, and you may be asked for ID, for example if you are claiming to be a Senior; children under 6 go in free. For some reason they do not take bank cards, though there is an ATM Machine by the ticket counter.
Zurich Zoo
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 Basel Zoo
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Penguin Parade, Zoo Basel Penguins, Zoo Basel Penguins Walk, Zoo Basel Penguins Walk, Basel
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Penguins Walk, Basel Penguins, Zoo Basel Penguin Parade, Zoo Basel Penguins Walk, Basel