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Travel photography

Most amateur photographers enjoy travelling and find it stimulating as it offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in taking pictures. Before the advent of digital cameras, it could be an expensive business to take shots of all the unfamiliar subjects and beautiful landscapes. But with a digital camera you can shoot away to your hearts content just make sure you have enough memory cards! Its also possible for any competent photographer to produce saleable pictures to recoup the cost of a holiday. The market is huge: travel brochures, postcards, calendars, magazines etc. But it does require considerable market research best done before leaving on your trip so that you know what pictures to take.

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Weimar, Germany   Erfurt   Friedrichshafen       Bad Saeckingen  
Weimar   Erfurt   Friedrichshafen   Mainau   Viktualien Markt   Bad Saeckingen   Christmas Market
    photos racing     Lienz, Austria    
Monkeys   Lake Dwellings   Hockenheim-Ring   Donkey Derby   Lienz   Alphorn   Trees
photo airplane
Concorde Fishermen Cave Transmission Towers Night Kite Surfing Tavern Signs
East Anglia
Alfa Romeo Ireland Garden Gnomes Clocks Emission Test Geesse in Formation East Anglia
Gran Canaria pictures flowers Isle of Skye
Computed Tomography Gran Canaria Stonehenge Flowers Formula 1 Isle of Skye Travel Exhibition
Technics Iceland  Snowcats Seasons Streetlights Quarry Tele Communication
photos airplane
Motorcycles Boat Show Shadows Antiques Model Airplanes Parking Signs Tupolew 144