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Digital photography

After nearly two centuries of photography, digital imaging arrived on the scene and threatened to banish film, the darkroom and all the hard-won skills of picture making. Along with digital cameras came scanners, imaging software and the World Wide Web, all fuelling increasing apprehension in the world of conventional photography. Discussions took place on whether digital photography is photography at all and whether digital pictures should be accepted in photo competitions and so on. But as time has passed, it has been shown that digital technology has breathed new life into many photographic practices and opened up the world of picture-making to more people than ever before.
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Fisheye Hockenheimring London Eye Disco Ship Bremen Lathe Kruger NP
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Pumpkin Indonesian Puppets Decompression Chamber Calico Coral Reef Kashgar Coat of Arms
Ethno Museum Workshop Harrods Fog Rotating Camera Dog-Sled Racing Disneyland Paris
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Monster Jam China Contrails Valley of Fire Joyce in Zurich Cows Queen Mary
Val Thorens Memorial Race Bretagne Harley Davidson Santas Shipwreck Laughter Parade South Africa
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USS Enterprise Speedway Knabenschiessen Freestyle Weggis Trucker Festival Football Fans
Basel Fair Street Hockey Mosaic Jazz Night Raku Vietnam Alphorn
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