Bruno Weber Sculpture Park


The Sculpture Park in the Swiss town of Dietikon near Zurich is a wonderfully weird world of fantasy. The fantasy and imagination of Bruno Weber. Born in 1931, he began painting at the age of 11, studied at Zurich Art College and trained as a lithographer. He then spent time studying in Rome and made educational trips to other parts of Italy as well as Greece and Czechoslovakia. In 1969, he created his first sculpture for the park which in the meantime has grown to cover an area of 20,000 m2. Bruno Weber’s surreal works eclipse even those of Gaudi and Hundertwasser. The birds of paradise perched on the wrought-iron entrance gate are no more than a hint of what is to come. It’s not just the profusion of strange sculpted creatures, some sinister, some comical, some sad that is so overwhelming, but also the sheer scale of many of the shapes, for example two flying dogs over one hundred metres long and four storeys high. Weber doesn’t know if his work will ever be finished. He has now started on a water garden which he estimates will cost around five million Swiss francs. However if he doesn’t finish it, his two highly gifted twin daughters, who have inherited their father’s creative talents, will continue his weird but wonderful work.

sculpture-house-05.jpg (226194 Byte) sculpture-house-06.jpg (204420 Byte) sculpture-house-04.jpg (253264 Byte) sculpture-house-01.jpg (188842 Byte)
sculpture-house-09.jpg (219651 Byte) sculpture-house-10.jpg (220312 Byte) sculpture-house-07.jpg (189368 Byte) sculpture-house-02.jpg (228581 Byte)
sculpture-house-08.jpg (154879 Byte) sculpture-house-03.jpg (146445 Byte) sculpture-park-15.jpg (122877 Byte) sculpture-park-03.jpg (193995 Byte) finger
sculpture-park-14.jpg (271470 Byte) sculpture-park-34.jpg (228203 Byte) sculpture-park-01.jpg (200566 Byte) sculpture-park-02.jpg (130387 Byte) face
sculpture-park-18.jpg (237941 Byte) sculpture-park-19.jpg (217246 Byte) sculpture-park-04.jpg (256214 Byte) sculpture-park-05.jpg (209524 Byte) art
sculpture-park-06.jpg (171231 Byte) sculpture-park-07.jpg (216431 Byte) sculpture-park-09.jpg (212260 Byte) sculpture-park-08.jpg (168023 Byte)
sculpture-park-12.jpg (245434 Byte) sculpture-park-16.jpg (220386 Byte) sculpture-park-10.jpg (249635 Byte) sculpture-park-11.jpg (203132 Byte) eye
sculpture-park-20.jpg (152779 Byte) sculpture-park-21.jpg (255730 Byte) sculpture-park-17.jpg (272815 Byte) sculpture-park-33.jpg (257880 Byte)
sculpture-park-29.jpg (265523 Byte) sculpture-park-22.jpg (176725 Byte) sculpture-park-24.jpg (157643 Byte) sculpture-park-25.jpg (176850 Byte)
sculpture-park-26.jpg (286934 Byte) sculpture-park-27.jpg (249547 Byte) water sculpture-park-23.jpg (174228 Byte) sculpture-park-28.jpg (221510 Byte)
sculpture-park-35.jpg (260813 Byte) sculpture-park-30.jpg (273984 Byte) sculpture-park-32.jpg (264350 Byte) chairs faces sculpture-park-31.jpg (262819 Byte)
sculpture-park-38.jpg (212024 Byte) sculpture-park-41.jpg (141864 Byte) sculpture-park-36.jpg (237009 Byte) sculpture-park-37.jpg (207768 Byte) chairs