Seleger Moor


120,000 m2 of beautiful moorland situated in Rifferswil south of Zurich in Switzerland. The natural moorland, created thousands of years ago when the Reuss and Linth glaciers merged and deposited moraine, was turned into today’s beautiful landscape by Robert Seleger. He was the project leader of the 1953 Zurich Spring Flower Show.
In his search for plants and trees for the project, Seleger discovered that the moorland soil was exactly the same as in areas of Germany and Holland where rhododendrons are cultivated. That year he acquired a small area of the moorland and planted his first rhododendrons. 
After a harsh 1956 winter, which killed most plants, Seleger set off in search of hardier species from higher altitudes, discovering them in various parts of the world. 

Ten years later Robert Seleger had created the landscape which can be enjoyed today. With the addition of streams and ponds, water lilies and other aquatic plants were introduced. During May, the main flowering season, Seleger Moor is transformed into a remarkable Kaleidoscope of colour. With its level paths and wheelchair access, Seleger Moor can be enjoyed by all. 

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