Millions of people throughout the world have strolled along the seashore picking up shells. The beach and seaside pools are pure treasure troves, which children in particular find exciting to explore, holding larger shells to their ears and listening to the sound of the surf. Many of us bring back a shell or two from a visit to the beach, an inexpensive, but beautiful memento. However, most shells are even more eye-catching when cleaned and their natural colours come to life. Dead seashells can be cleaned of the flaky layer covering most shells by soaking them in a solution of 50% bleach and 50% water. A toothbrush or wire brush will usually remove any other matter left on the surface and wiping over with mineral or baby oil will add an attractive lustre. There are thousands of different seashells. Many of us haven’t a clue what they are but are simply satisfied with their beauty. The more curious can find plenty of information on seashell websites.
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