Munich Viktualienmarkt


The Victuals or Food Market, held on six days a week in the heart of Munich (Germany), is one of the city’s most popular open-air markets, with a tradition dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. Sited at the foot of the hill leading up to St. Peter's Church, it is a bustling market with colourful stands and stalls offering not only fresh fruit and vegetables, but also traditional Bavarian fare such as Schweinshax’n und Speck (pork knuckle and bacon), seafood, a variety of European cheeses and much, much more. This is a market frequented by professional chefs, who come to shop for fresh produce for their restaurant kitchens. The market is also the venue for a number of traditional events, including the colourful fasching (carnival) festivities. The Schrannenhalle standing next to the food market was rebuilt in 2005 using wrought iron frames from the original building that was destroyed by fire in 1932. It houses a market, shops, restaurants and venues for cultural events and has become a popular meeting place in the centre of the city. The statues shown below are placed around the market and portray several popular folk singers and actors associated with Munich.

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